Activating your Digi-Key IoT equipment has never been easier! RevX provides a fast, simple, and completely automated wireless service platform for your IoT devices!

Choose a plan that's right for your IoT Device:
  • Data plans range from 1MB to 10GB per month
  • Unlimited SMS Messaging at $.05 per/SMS
  • Pay only for activated devices
  • Pooled data plans save you money
  • Activate, change or pause plans anytime online
  • Pricing all inclusive, no acitvation or junk fees
Pick a carrier.. Select a plan.. Get Connected in minutes

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Completing the signup process is easy and we have many plans to choose from. We strongly advise you to consider the usage profile of your device when selecting a plan.

Your monthly service fees are billed in accordance with your chosen plan. In most cases, your first month's service will be billed today and every month thereafter on the same day of the month.


Please enter the email address you wish to use as your login for the RevX Wireless Portal. You'll be asked to enter it twice as a means to confirm we have the right address.

Your account will be configured with this email address as your preferred inbox address for important service level notifications. However, if you wish to change the email address for notices, you may do so after registration but your login will remain the same.

Choosing a password is important. While our portal does not display any sensitive financial information, your password is still important and should never be written down or shared with anyone.

Your password must be at least 6 characters in length, may contain numbers, letters, and a few reserved special characters $@%#!.* and space, but they are not required.


A valid credit card is required to open and maintain your RevX Wireless account. RevX will securely store this card with your account and use it for your monthly service fees which are billed in USD $.

In the event your credit card expires or is otherwise declined for payment, it is required that you update your payment method on file to prevent any interruptions in service.

RevX is an Verified merchant and your payment information is secured with the highest level of standards.

* Card Expires


The Postal Address at which you operate your equipment is important to some carriers and/or devices. We ask you for this information to comply with CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) requirements and in support of automating the activation of your equipment.

If your billing address and your postal address are the same, simply check the box to indicate they're the same and your information will be copied from the billing fields into the address fields.

Check here to use your payment information

HINT: Your 10 digit area code and phone number only


Please read the provided terms and conditions and check the box below as your acknowledgement that you agree to the stated terms of service.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions (click here to review)

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